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Page history last edited by Laskarina Polemi 6 years, 1 month ago

Dear students,

I am happy to have been invited to work with you here! A big thanks to Miss Zartaloudi!


Now, for our first assignment, I would like you to watch the video below:





Name at least three reasons learning a foreign language would be a good idea. Post your ideas in the comments area below.This assignment is to bear two marks out of your total mark for the first semester.


Thank you!!!


Dear Students,

The following activity will help you revise vocabulary for our first term exam. Try to match the words with their definitions.



Dear Students,


for your second assignment, please, click here:


Fact or fiction?


This game will help you revise the vocabulary required for unit 5. Have fun!!!


For A1 atudents:

Please, click on this link to upload your work on Europe's cultural monuments:



Don't forget to write your name and your school at the bottom of each slide!

Comments (Show all 50)

Μανιατέας Αλέξανδρος said

at 11:12 pm on Nov 12, 2017

In today's world and age being able to speak more than one language is almost a necessity and this are my three reasons why.
1.In almost every job there is today whether it is a doctor or a garbage men you need to know at least English ,and especially in a higher grade job knowing more than one language can give you a real advantage over other applicants.
2.In today's world even after all the ways of travelling that have been invented there are still a lot of people that can't travel abroad because they can't speak any foreign languages and as results into not not learning about other cultures ,meeting new people and exploring new and interesting places.
3.My third and last point is that you never know when you may get into a situation where knowing a certain language can come in handy and if you will be so thrilled that you knew that certain language.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 10:54 pm on Nov 15, 2017

Dear Alexander,
I am glad to see you have grasped the major points of learning a foreign language and made it part of your learning experience! Could I give you a suggestion, if I may? Try "waste collector", it is definitely more official!

Τζουμάνης Παναγιώτης said

at 8:51 pm on Nov 13, 2017

Cons of learning a foreign language

1)Expands your knowlege
2)you can communicate we people from other countries
3)You can find a job easier

Laskarina Polemi said

at 11:55 pm on Nov 15, 2017

Dear Panos,
Despite is being short, your post is quite succinct, making it easy for the reader to get a clear idea of what the video is about. Good job!

Τυρνά Αικατερίνη-Ιωάννα said

at 12:36 am on Nov 14, 2017

The benefits of learning a foreign language to my understanding:

1. To travel abroad, meet new people, experience different cultures, live life the way life is lived somewhere else.
2. Attend undergrad or graduate school outside your country.
3. Land your dream job in English speaking nations.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 11:33 pm on Nov 15, 2017

Dear Katerina,
imagine what chances you will stand if you learn more than one foreign languages. Have you ever happened to read a poem and understand just right what it is about in spite of it being written in another language? Think about it and keep up the good work. Well done!

Γκιντίδου Φερενίκη said

at 5:05 pm on Nov 14, 2017

There are many reasons why learning a foreign language is a good idea.
First of all , by learning a foreign language you can broaden your knowledge and you communicate/cooperate better with people from another ethnic backgrounds .
Secondly , in the world of technology and globalization , where we live , knowing any foreign language can help you find a job with a high salary.
Moreover , you learn to respect the culture and traditions of other countries.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 7:15 pm on Nov 18, 2017

Dear Fereniki, it is true that any kind of learning shapes who we are. Knowledge is a safe haven in an ever-changing world.Once combined with critical thinking skills and a sense of empathy, things cannot go wrong. The same applies to foreign language learning too. Well done!

Φακιόλας Αναστάσιος said

at 6:51 pm on Nov 15, 2017

Why learning a foreign language? The reasons why learning a foreign language are numerous.
At first, you are able to expand your general knowledge at a great expanse.
Additionally, by learning any foreign language yo will be able to travel abroad, learn about the history, the culture and the civilization of other foreign countries.
Furthermore, especially by learning English you will be able to work and live abroad without having any difficulties in your lifestyle.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 10:37 pm on Nov 15, 2017

Dear Anastasis,
Many people never have the chance to realise that a foreign language is like weaving a carpet anew. For some, it is even like living a second life. Well done!

Laskarina Polemi said

at 11:30 pm on Nov 15, 2017

Dear Anastasis,
If you enjoy literature, you will be able to delve into words and meanings and enjoy cultural immersion. Some people are worried that they will lose their cultural identity if they do that, but this is not the case (remember the film by Mr Voulgaris's?)

Καραθανάσης Νικόλαος said

at 8:30 pm on Nov 15, 2017

There are plenty of benefits when learning o foreign language.To name but a few,learning a foreign enhances your job prospekts,makes you appreciate and understand other caltures, and helps you develop multitasking.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 10:30 pm on Nov 15, 2017

Dear Nick,
I am glad you mentioned multitasking. Learning more than one languages allows people to work on multiple levels. Good point!

Laskarina Polemi said

at 10:45 pm on Nov 15, 2017

Dear Nancy,
My personal stance also has to do with learning by doing. Applying what you have learnt in real life situations is always an asset to help you develop and evolve as a learner. Learning foreign languages is a case in point. Well done!

Laskarina Polemi said

at 11:39 pm on Nov 15, 2017

Dear Ariadni,
reading llileterature is a good guide to life. Imagine what it will feel like being able to decipher meanings and embrace worlds so very different to ours. In the same way, our own culture could be enjoyed by other peoples. Greek is taught as a foreign language after all!
Keep up the good work!

Φλωρούς Αικατερίνη said

at 8:34 pm on Nov 18, 2017

Being fluent in more than one language has become the order of the day in our contemporary society more so than ever before , due to globalisation being a reality and society's high expectations for every individual to have the opportunity to find his ideal workplace .The reasons to learn a foreign language do not only cater to society's ''deliveries'' , but can also be our weapon to fight unjustice in every part of the world, it is an unbelievably amazing gift to be able to support your beliefs , to exchange views and discover how other people see the world . It will definitely open your horizons and enhance your ability to understand foreign literature , music and even science . Moreover , having the knowledge of many languages can faciliate one's trip abroad and without a doubt , boost your confidence if studying or working outside the borders of your native country.It opens channels of communication .

Laskarina Polemi said

at 8:40 am on Nov 19, 2017

Dear Katerina,
Your argument of helping people fight injustice has really hit home! It is a burning need more so than ever and we tend to forget about it when putting forward our views on language learning. Really good point! Well done!

Ταϊλίδη Χριστίνα-Μαρία said

at 3:07 pm on Nov 19, 2017

The benefits of learning a foreign language concerning to the video:First, we will be able to writing, reading and speaking this foreign language with pleasure. Secondly, we will expand our knowledge and appreciate different coultures. Last but not least, learning a foreign language is an important skill when we are applying for a job and help us find it easier.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 12:47 pm on Nov 26, 2017

So, my dear Marilita, you come to get a holistic view of the world.Well done!

Μαραβέα Κων/να said

at 3:22 pm on Nov 19, 2017

Nowadays learning a foreign language is very imprortant. First of all it helps you with communicating and socializng. In addition, if you know how to speak a foreign language you can read books or see movies in a different languages. Finally, learning a foreign language it is a good resource to find a job in the future.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 12:48 pm on Nov 26, 2017

Well written, my dear Konstantina!
What do you consider to be the most important benefit?

Γρηγόρη Ελένη said

at 4:28 pm on Nov 19, 2017

Nowadays there are lots of benefits when it comes to learning a foreign language. As long as I have to point out only three, I will mention the ones below;
1) Cognitive benefits; for example enhanced memory, better multi-tasking abilities and more creativity which will result in the student's better academic performance and achievement.
2) Appreciation for other cultures; we learn to not disrespect other cultures and at the same time we get a better perception of the world we live in.
3) A job with a high salary; in a society where foreign languages are of higly importance, being fluent in more than one language can help you find a job which can support you well economically!

Laskarina Polemi said

at 12:50 pm on Nov 26, 2017

Dear Helen,
You have presented your points thoroughly. I particularly appreciated that you singled out some benefits that are important to you. Well done!

Βερουδάκη Ιωάννα said

at 11:24 pm on Nov 19, 2017

It is commonly accepted that in today's world knowing a foreign language is increasingly important. Language is considered as a means which helps people get a better understanding.
Allow me to present three of the numerous benefits of learning a foreign language.

"Develop confidence"

Learning a foreign language is an incredibly rewarding experience. You’ll get to overcome some of your fears and doubts, learn more about yourself, meet new people, and perhaps travel to places you would have never dared to visit before.

"Increase your brain power & become a better learner"

I've read that according to psychologists, students who study foreign languages are usually better at maths, reading, grammar, and vocabulary than their monolingual peers. In addition, every time someone learns a new language, they find it easier than the one before.

"Open Up a World of job Opportunities"

In today's competitive world, the more skills an individual has, the more chances they have to find a rewarding job. Learning a foreign language opens up a ton of career opportunities.

Taking all the above into consideration, we should all agree that the knowledge of a foreign language is essential.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 12:51 pm on Nov 26, 2017

Well justified and written, dear Joanna!
You have taken the time and effort to present your arguments in a way that is eye-catching too! Keep up the good work!

Τσάβου Βασιλική said

at 7:56 pm on Nov 20, 2017

My personal stance is that nowadays more and more people are travelling abroad in order to meet new people , learn about different cultures or just because they need to run away from daily routine .
One way or another globalization is a fact and it has to do with the majority of people. Thus if someone wants to succeed and get a good job or get a scholarship in a famous university and making their dream come true they should speak several languages.
Considering all the above by learning a new language you can benefit from many aspects such as :
▪Enhanced cognitive skills and perceptions
▪Gaining experiences and expanding your horizons
▪Improved decision making capabilities
And last but not least you can make strong friendships from all over the world !

Laskarina Polemi said

at 12:57 pm on Nov 26, 2017

Dear Vasiliki,
Your answer is meticulously written. Well done! I also have to congratulate you on making an effort to use vocabulary taught in class. Way to go!.

Σουλτάνη Σταυρούλα said

at 7:59 pm on Nov 20, 2017

Learning a foreign language can be very beneficial for all of as.For a start, this gives you the opportunity to work , study in another country or have a nice vocation abroad.Generally ,communication is an another thing that a language can offer to you.Because you will have the ability to learn the culture and the habits of a country. And of course in this way you can take a lot of information or a variety of ideas of the country that you may visit and as a result broaden your mind.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 1:07 pm on Nov 26, 2017

Great work, my dear Stavroula! Please, try to remember to use punctuation when needed. Your work could improve even more this way!

Τρουσας Κων/νος said

at 1:07 pm on Nov 22, 2017

This is an incredible game because you test your knowledge in English.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 12:58 pm on Nov 26, 2017

Thank you for your kind words, my dear Konstantinos! There will be more games like that in the future!

Τρουσας Κων/νος said

at 7:29 pm on Nov 23, 2017

There are many benefits of learning a foreign language. First of all, you can communicate with people of other countries, in addition, you can visit a foreign country and you will be aware of foreign cultures. In my opinion, the most important benefit of learning a foreign language is that you can make friendships with people of other countries because you will learn about their life, culture and personality of these people.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 12:45 pm on Nov 26, 2017

Dear Konstantinos,
You have put forward a valuable point. Via foreign languages learning, one can really come to appreciate other cultures and view the world in a totally different way. Well done!

Χριστοπούλου Μαρίλια said

at 8:01 pm on Nov 23, 2017

I my point of you, learning a foreign language is very important and beneficial today and all of us must know a second foreign language. The benefits and opportunities that come from learning another languages are:
•Improve your employability
•Ιmprove your decision making skills
•Develop your confidence
•Improve your memory and increase your attention span
•Discover new cultures
•You can communicate with people from all over the world
•Learning a new language gives you a greater global understanding of the word you live in.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 12:43 pm on Nov 26, 2017

Dear Marilia,
You have really grasped the gist of learning foreign languages. All this contributes to building up not only one's cognitive but also one's affective skills. Well done!

Τορουνίδης Χρήστος said

at 9:37 pm on Nov 26, 2017

Dear Marilia,
I totally agree with you that foreign languages can be really usefull nowadays for multiple reasons...
It is true that being able to communicate world wide is one of the most important things in life and it will give you various opportunities such as easier employment.
I actually believe that they also help you become even more cultured and well-educated, which will open your horizons and make you think differently.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 2:40 pm on Dec 18, 2017

Dear Chris,
It is great that you decided to comment on another student's post rather than write your own! This way interaction will definitely be promoted!

Φασουλάς Γεώργιος said

at 11:49 pm on Nov 28, 2017

know a foreign language has a lot of advantages like
-if you are in an other country like italy and you know italian you can understand better the culture of the country and you can react like an italian [f.e.]
-you can find a job easier if you know one or more foreign languages
-and you will have a better optic angle of the world and through that you will discover new skills and improve the skills that you already have
this are three of the main advantages tha you will have if you learn one or more foreign languages

Laskarina Polemi said

at 2:42 pm on Dec 18, 2017

Dear George,
You have posted a great comment! If I might make any suggestions, I would say"try to use the expression perspective rather than optic angle". Also, it would be better to write "find a job more easily". Try to keep this in mind next time!
Good work, though! Well done!

KonstantinosK said

at 5:41 pm on Jan 20, 2018

Three of the most important benefits of learning at least one foreign language are:
1) You can get a job abroad much more easier than not having the ability to speak one or more foreign languages fluently.
2) You will appreciate a trip abroad more if you are able to speak the national language of the country you visit. You will be able to be guessed from your own without the help of a guide. A map will be enough for you.
3) Learning one or more foreign languages is also good in order to expand your knowledge. You will be able to read and enjoy poetry and literature. You will broaden your horizons, something that will be very useful for your whole life!

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