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2nd assignment

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The second unit of our coursebook focuses on computers and technology. Although technology has provided users with a good many possibilities, it has also created some problems regarding the use of the internet. Can you think of ways we can protect ourselves when using the internet?


Post your answers on the padlet below. Don't write your answers in the comments area.Make sure you find your class first!

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Comments (2)

Τρουσας Κων/νος said

at 10:11 pm on Dec 15, 2017

In my point of view, the best ways to protect ourselves when using the internet is to avoid communication with unknown people, visiting non-secure sites, download unknown and unnecessary applications and follow links contained in emails. I think that they are the most important ways because you don't know what dangers these actions hide. Especially communication with unknown people is very dangerous because it has led many children to suicide while the others can destroy your computer. By following this measures, you can enjoy surfing the internet without fear.

Laskarina Polemi said

at 11:43 am on Dec 17, 2017

Dear Konstantinos,
It seems you have a very good idea about how to protect yourself on the net. We should also be aware of click-baiting on web pages as well.
Now, I will trasfer your post to the padlet above, so that we can see all answers together. Is that okay?
Thank you!

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